Bromo Batu Malang Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night is an element of cheap Bromo Tour Package that are not a few selected by local tourists both from Jakarta, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bandung or Bandung different cities in Indonesia. The main purpose of Malang Bromo travel with a duration of periods of 2 days 1 night is to combine a tour to Mount Bromo and tourist sites in Malang that are recommended for a short vacation that only takes 1 day in Malang. Good point tour meeting for this tour program is tried directly from the airport or Malang station so that the tour can be maximized.

Malang Bromo Batu Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night Malang Bromo Tourism Package 2 Days 1 Night

Malang Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Tonight is actually a combination of Malang 1 day tour package and 1 day Bromo tour package. With the option to stay in Malang in the evening and leave for the tour to Mount Bromo in the middle of the night to hunt bromo sunrise or sun out on Mount Penanjakan in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park location. For complete schedule Bromo Malang tour package 2 days 1 night

Itinerary Malang Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

Rundown, itinerary and brochure Malang Batu Bromo Tourism Package 2 Days 1 Night the details are as follows.

Day 1: Pickup Surabaya / Malang – Malang City Tour

  • Malang Bromo Tour Packages start with pick-up at Malang Station or Abdurahman Saleh Airport, try arrival in the morning (It could be from Surabaya Airport or Station)
  • After meeting and chatting for a while with our team we will bring you to start Malang city tour
  • The first tourism object visited was Kampung Warna – Warni Jodipan
  • Then head to the main tour in Batu City by visiting Jatim Park 2, here we explore the tourist spot of the Museum of Animals and Batu Secret Zoo.
  • Satisfied touring in Jatim Park 2, proceed to the Museum of Transport or the Museum of Transportation.
  • Check in lodging in Malang or Batu City and rest to meet Bromo tour packages in the middle of the night.

Day 2: Travel Tour to Mount Bromo Complete 5 Locations – Return

  • Midnight during 12 o’clock at the start of the trip from lodging in Batu or Malang to lead to Mount Bromo
  • The trip takes 2.5 hours to close the jeep shutle post to Bromo.
  • Arriving at the place replaced by a type of vehicle 4 WD or Hardtop Jeep to get around to the best tourist spots on Mount Bromo
  • The first is to see the beauty of the sun coming out on Mount Penanjakan 1
  • Then go down to the sea of ​​sand near Pura Luhur Bromo, continue climbing the climb for 250 steps to lead to the top of the Bromo crater
  • Then down Bromo continue the tour to the Savana Meadow in the northeast element of Mount Bromo
  • In this savanna we will see mountains of small mountains that are familiar called Bukit Teletubies. The best selfie spots in Bromo that are the most instagramable
  • After that, continue the extensive Bromo desert tour commonly called Whispering Sand.
  • Satisfied traveling and traveling to the many unique spots in Bromo then returned to the original jeep post.
  • Clean yourself, eat breakfast and finally take us back to the original pickup place or other suitable place agreement.
  • Bromo Batu Malang Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night ends.

Note: Tourist attractions in Malang can be changed according to your wishes, for example Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 3, Dino Park, Omah Kayu Paragliding, Sky Park, Pick Apple, Selecta, South Malang Beach and so on.

Already Classified :

  • Malang Bromo Car Rental (Innova, APV, Avanza All New, Hi Ace, Elf SHort, ELf Long, Medium Bus, Big Bus)
  • Experienced Drivers, Guides and Teams
  • BBM, Toll, Parking and Retribution
  • Rent Jeep Bromo for 5 locations
  • Lodging
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance Tickets for all of the above attractions (Jatim Park 2, Museum Angkut, Colorful Village and Mount Bromo)

Not Yet Classified :

  • Personal needs.
  • Insurance
  • Rent a Horse in Bromo.

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