Heaven Hidden in Mount Rinjani, Lombok Indonesia

Indonesia indeed has a lot of natural beauty. Mountains, sea, rice fields, all show how beautiful the nature of Indonesia. One of the natural charms of Indonesia is Mount Rinjani. Mountain with an altitude of 3. 726 meters above sea level, indeed is one option for climbers, both climbers in the country or from outside the country. How not, the scattered narration about its beauty, makes every climber certainly challenged to learn the mountain located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Waver not know what to do in lombok? What must be tried in Lombok? let’s climb Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani climbing event, arguably is not very difficult, if you have created the right route. There are some climbing routes that are commonly selected, namely Sembalun, Senaru, Cedok Noah, and Torean. Generally, the preferred route for climbers is the Sembalun Climbing Route, because the route is quite easy compared to other climbing routes.

In Sembalun Climbing Route, you want to go beyond the background savanna. But it means to be known, if the guardian cream is highly recommended remembering the air can feel very hot during the day. However, in the evening, the weather near the savannah is not exactly hot, and you can also enjoy the chirping of soft birds. There are 4 posts that must be traversed in this ascent of Mount Rinjani, which are post 1, post 2, post 3, and the last is Plawangan Sembalun post. In this climb, it is highly recommended to bring drinking water as needed, because not all posts that you miss have springs.

The beauty of Mount Rinjani cannot be said in words. Good in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, the charm of Mount Rinjani is always magnificent. Most especially at night, where you want to look at the beauty of the star-studded sky. Especially if you look at him while lying outside your camp, hmmm … like it’s good to be covered with sparkling stars … it’s something that you don’t want to be ignored for sure

One of the places that climbers don’t miss in climbing Mount Rinjani is Situ Segara Anak. Yes, this charming place can be found after climbing through 2 routes, the Sembalun Climbing Route and the Senaru Climbing Route. To reach Situ Segara Anak from the Sembalun Climbing Route, it requires a duration of at least 8 hours, while the Senaru Climbing Route, requires a duration of at least 7 hours. Near Situ Segara Anak, most people carry out some activities such as camping, soaking in warm sulfur water, and also fishing. To reach there, indeed the time is not for a moment, but you do not want to regret if you have seen its beauty.

There are many things that can be witnessed on Mount Rinjani that are so good. Make it lead to Mount Rinjani, you can start it from Mataram leading Sembalun, East Lombok by taking an expedition near 2 hours. If you are located outside Lombok, you can start by visiting Lombok by plane. After arriving at the airport, you must head to Selong, East Lombok by means of transportation. From Selong, continue your expedition to the Air Mel Market, East Lombok. From Aik Mel Market, then you head to Sembalun, East Lombok to start your climb.

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